Event: Avoiding Bern Out

If you’re in DC we’d love to see you at an event next week we’re organizing to turn away from the depressing disempowering morass that is electoral politics and talk and scheme about what it would look like to build democratic organizations that wield real material power. Organizations, like communes, that can directly improve the lives of their members. Will you join us? Do you know someone who should?

What: Avoiding Bern-out: A “Yes, and” to Electoral Politics
Where: Malcolm X Park, Washington, DC
When: Thur, Aug 25th 6-8pm

Wouldn’t a Sanders presidency have been cool? Totally. But let’s not kid ourselves, the system is rotten, the game is rigged. Without a far reaching democratic and socialist transformation of our society a Sanders presidency would be filled with disappointment, compromise, and stalemates. So what was the point of his campaign? Was it a failure? Of course not! His campaign radically expanded the bounds of what is considered “politically reasonable” in the US today. Millions of people willing to work for a better world were able to see each other and see that they could have incredible power if they worked together. And that work is by no means finished with the end of this primary contest. It is rather a new beginning for the movement for democracy and socialism.

To really transform society we need to be coming together in organizations that can wield actual material power. Political parties are one way people organize democratically to wield that power. Unions are another way. Political parties and unions are well covered, though. What are some other ways that we can organize democratically with each other to wield actual material power and start changing society? Demanding change from the powers that be is valuable and useful but it’s nothing compared to being powerful and being able to make those changes ourselves.

****************************Join us in Malcolm X Park (2400 15th St. NW, Washington, DC) for snacks and conversation. We’ll find a quiet spot near the Joan of Arc statue in the upper section of the park. If you have any trouble finding us, call 206 898 2832. There will be an alternative location in case of rain.

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