Invite a Speaker

Point A makes nearly monthly trips from Virginia up the East Coast. If you have a group that would like to connect with the Point A crew or you’d like to invite members of the Point A crew to give a workshop at an event, hit us up. We’re into it!

To get an idea of what sort of talks and workshops we have prepared you can check out our list: Point A Talks/Workshops Repetoire. However, if there’s something you want help on or want to hear about that you don’t see, ask us. If we can’t help you we’ll find someone who can.

Point A and the Federation of Egalitarian Communities have a whole stable of experienced, articulate communards ready to speak on an array of subjects. Our two most available and mobile communal evangelists, however, are:

GPaul Blundell (DC)

Paul head shotGPaul lived at Acorn Community for 10 years participating in the rebirth of the commune and years of struggle and formation.  One of the instigating organizers of the Point A project, GPaul utilizes his extensive facilitation and group process experience, public speaking skills, political organizing and activism experience, and his study of anarchist theory and economics to birth the beautiful new world that lives in our hearts.  His name is a clerical error and he shares a birthday with Emma Goldman.

Email him at

Paxus calta (NYC)

Paxus Calta is a memeticist, funologist, political activist and festival organizer living in the United States.  He is a member of the Twin Oaks community in Virginia, and is currently focusing on organizing PANYC (the New York City Point A project) with the assistance of MoonRaven in New York and Triple Threat Tony in Virginia.

Paxus can be reached at

Contact MoonRaven, the regional coordinator, at