baltimore free farm (link)

Baltimore Free Farm is an egalitarian collective of gardeners and activists who aim to provide access to healthy food for all.  A combination residential cooperative community and activist project, BFF excels at creative scavenging and reuse and the conversion of neglected spaces and materials into valuable community resources.  They are considering the move to income-sharing and a few members have already begun experimenting.

the holy underground

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  1. Paul E. Schoen says:

    I have lived all my life (66 years so far) in the Baltimore area and I have lived in a commune from 1971-1973. I am very interested in joining or building an intentional community in MD or WV, but my main problem has been getting people who are likewise interested and committed to making the effort needed for success. I am more technologically oriented but I have done organic gardening and I believe in a healthy, outdoors-oriented lifestyle. I may be interested in attending meetings and discussions you may have.

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