Affiliated Organizations

Baltimore Free Farm
An egalitarian collective and urban homestead developing and stewarding community resources and working to provide healthy food to all.

A long lived, large scale, secular commune in NYC working to develop a world of empowered cooperators. A supportive ally of Point A.

Acorn Community
An egalitarian, income sharing commune in central Virginia that gave birth to and continues to nurture the Point A project.

The Fae
A forming FEC commune in NYC.

A newly forming permaculture-based urban homestead near the center of Richmond, VA.

An egalitarian residential worker coop B&B in downtown Brooklyn. Ally to Point A.

The Unnameable Collective
A forming egalitarian commune in NYC that Point A has been assisting but which steadfastly refuses to choose an easily pronounceable name.

Catalyst Ecovillage
A forming ecovillage ouside of NYC in Warwick, NY, that Point A has been working with.


Other USA Affiliates:

The Federation of Egalitarian Communities
The network of egalitarian income-sharing communes in the US of which Point A is a project.

The US Federation of Worker Co-ops
Allies in the grand project of building a more cooperative world.

Allies in the grand project of building a more cooperative world.


European Affiliates:

Las Indias network
An anarchist transnational nomadic cyberpunk commune building the new world in the shell of the old and being adorable geeks at the same time.

Red Colectivos Autogestionados
An anarcho-syndicalist project in Madrid to build the network of self-managed worker coops that give economic strength to the unions and movements fighting for a free world.

The Kommuja Network – Interkom
Networks of mostly income sharing egalitarian communes in Germany.