The point of Point A New York City is to build an income sharing community or maybe several income sharing communities in the most populous city in the United States.

At this point we are in contact with several communities in and around the city and are slowly networking people and communities. We have an established relationship with the Ganas community which, while not an income sharing community themselves, has had a long relationship with income sharing communities such as Twin Oaks and has been a successful community in NYC for over 35 years. We now have a staff person at Ganas (Raven) who will help coordinate efforts in the city. Paxus Calta is continuing to organize our efforts from Virginia. We also have local help from the amazing Aurora and Mad Professor James and Gil and DNA at Smiling Hogshead Ranch.

If anyone is interested in organizing communities (especially income sharing communities) in New York, please contact Raven at and you will receive a prompt reply.