Membership Process

interested party

  • Write something to the commune to introduce yourself and say you are interested in exploring membership.
  • The Intake Team meets with the interested party in-person, by video, or phone (in that order of preference) and submits their recommendation to the full membership.
  • If the membership approves you for a visitor period, you are assigned an “applicant buddy” to help you schedule visits and navigate the Membership Application process.
  • The Intake Team consists of at least two people, independently reviewing applications. All Provisional and Full Members have access to the same applicant information as the Intake Team.
  • Visitor periods are the first significant opportunity for the community to explore membership for the interested party and will generally be approved.

applicant (1 – 6 months)

  • Conduct a Visitor Period with us, which is spending a total of 30 days within a six month period living with us. Can’t do 30 days? We’re flexible! Tell us what’s up and we’ll work something out.
  • During the Visitor Period, you will submit a Membership Application (to become a Provisional Member). The Application includes the Call to Greater Awesomeness.
  • Halfway through the Visitor Period, we will schedule an interview with you. Two Members will sit down with you for a couple hours to hear your life story and ask you a list of standard questions.
  • Once your interview and Membership Application are complete, a meeting will be scheduled with you and the membership to discuss them. During this discussion, you will be asked to answer questions and address any concerns raised by others.
  • Towards the end of your Visitor Period, you will go through the Clearness Process with all Provisional and Full Members.
  • If all Provisional and Full Members approve your application, you are extended an invitation good for six months (extendable to one year with a visit of any length) to join as a Provisional Member. Celebrate!

provisional member (6 months – 1 year)

  • After a minimum of six months of provisional membership and before a maximum of one year, request full membership. Provisional membership is automatically terminated after one year unless a special exception is made by the membership.
  • Re-submit your Membership Application:
  • Review your previous Membership Application.
    • Has it changed after living with us, and if so, in what ways? Re-answer the initial questions from your new perspective.
    • Review your success at meeting your last Call to Greater Awesomeness according to your metric.
  • Complete another two Clearnesses with all Provisional and Full Members: one part-way through your Provisional Membership and one at the end of your Provisional Membership. The interim Clearness must be at least three months after the start of your Provisional Membership and at least three months before the end of your Provisional Membership.
  • If all Full Members approve your application, you become a Full Member. If not, your provisional membership can be extended (if any concerns are considered resolvable by a longer Provisional Membership) or terminated (if any concerns are not considered resolvable by a longer Provisional Membership).

FULL MEMBER (unlimited)

Every year, Full Members are expected to:

  • Complete a clearness.
  • Review their success at meeting their last Call to Greater Awesomeness according to their metric.
  • Write a new Call to Greater Awesomeness on their communiversary