The DC branch of the project started in Dec 2014 with the goal of organizing a single egalitarian income sharing commune within the borders of the District as the starting point to our work in the city. In the course of that work we have established a local network of people interested in cultivating and promoting egalitarian communalism beyond just the first commune.


Our working name is AC*DC (A Commune in DC) and we’re currently based out of Ivy City as we get established and keep looking for a bigger home better suited to house our dreams. We’re aiming for a population of 15-20 before we calm down and are currently looking for new members. If you’re interested, please drop us a line and then drop on by. We meet to talk business every Tuesday evening but would love to have you over for dinner or even over to visit for a few days. Shoot us an email!

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Point A DC still exists and is dreaming up more communes and working to get the word out about egalitarian communalism and why it’s a rad and righteous thing to do. An idea whose time as come, you might say. Or you might say it’s an idea that’s timeless. Either way, sign up for the mailing list or contact us directly to connect and hear about meetings and events.

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