“We can’t build something we can’t imagine.”

Last year saw the release of Octavia’s Brood, an anthology of speculative fiction from social justice movements. The co-editors …


Octavia’s Brood
Ferguson is the Future

Speculative fiction, utopian politics is a living work of speculative fiction as we try to write our own future. To claim that another world is possible we must imagine that world. To inspire the doubters and the fearful we must imagine it in convincing detail.

The communes are ever more details works of speculative fiction. We are shrinking the scale of our project so as to increase the scope of it and drive deeper and farther into our utopic fantasies. Our hope is not to create our little story and live in it happily. It is not even to convince others to write the same little book over and over again. We hope to describe a convincing world, to start working out some of the tricky issues, and to make it so compelling and fun that others are drawn to write stories in our world as well.

Sandman – if 1000(?) people all dream the same dream they can change reality.

There is a place for serious hard nosed politics. The powers that are ascendant in our world today are brutal and clever and they will fight tooth and claw for the hearts and minds of the people. We need to organize to fight them but we also need to fight them in the imaginative realm of the possible.

Thatcher was wrong. There are many alternatives and almost all are better than what we’re doing now. The richness of our imagination is our strength.


As Activists, We Build the World We Want—Which Is Still Very Far Off in Bitch Magazine

Communes as a similarly speculative exercise of imagining a better future in detail.

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