A Busy Month for the DC Crew

The last month has been a busy time for the Point A DC crew as we’ve hurtled through the final stages of forming the first commune (of many) to be popped out by the project. At the end of January, we raced ahead of the blizzard to get ourselves snowed in for the weekend at a kindly donated and very cozy nearby vacation home. The eight of us who braved the snow (pictured below after freeing our cars from the driveway) spent the weekend poring over agreements, deepening our connections with each other, eating delicious food, and designing the tricky process of choosing the initial set of members (a process we’re calling the “membership bootstrapping”). We also tried to pick a name for the first commune but the naming party got bumped to sometime in the uncertain future.

After getting back we set ourselves an ambitious schedule in February, aiming to complete the membership bootstrapping by the end of the month so we can legally launch the commune, start sharing income, and move in together. Speaking of which, the commune is looking for a home (both a temporary home and a forever home). Maybe you can help? Our strength is in each other and in our network. Here’s a message our Space Scouts put together about what we’re looking for.

Point A DC Needs a Home
The PADC commune founding group is looking for a temporary rental house/apartment for 3-12 months, while we negotiate and close on a property.

If you have a personal connection to a good space and could get us a deal because you want to support the commune, that would be ideal. If you enjoy scouring rental listings, that could also be helpful… we have been checking Craigslist often.

Rental must haves:

3-8 bedrooms
Flexible lease term (6 months or less)
< $700/bedroom

Rental preferences:

In or near Petworth/Columbia Heights area
< 3/4 mile from metro
March 1 move-in
Event/meeting space for up to 20 people
Parking for 1-2 cars
Indoor bike storage space for several bikes
Space in kitchen for our commercial fridge and full-size freezer
A guest/flex space

We continue to search for spaces to purchase that are in the 5k-15k sq ft range, cheap and near the metro. Any leads on this are also great.

Thanks for your help!

-Anita, GPaul, Connor, Jenny, Barnaby, Julian, Maren and Steve

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