What we’ve done so far

Want More Specificity?  Here you go…

So Pax and Paul (the Most Secret Cabal) are bopping around pursuing a headlong organizing strategy which includes both spreading the good word of cooperative organizing and is looking for likely groups of folks to form into income sharing, egalitarian, democratic communes in various cities of the East Coast.  The communes are being organized with the idea of being beachheads in the greater cooperative and egalitarian effort, so not merely supportive houses and communities but also and perhaps primarily bases for activist and community organizing work and communes with an explicit expansionist agenda.

Our effort started seriously in Dec 2013 and as of Mar 1st, 2014, we’ve got:

  • Washington, DC: Group of about 20 people has been meeting for a few months and is actively looking for space.  Hope to be moving in in the next year.

  • NYC: Inroads just beginning to be made.  Handful of potential Point A communards.  Currently working on stimulating and networking existing community projects while we sift and sniff for recruits.

2 thoughts on “What we’ve done so far

  1. William Cerf says:

    I think this may be the group I tried to meet in Prospect Park earlier in 2014 or late 2013. I’m very interested in this project. Unfortunately, I have a prior commitment for Oct. 18th.

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